Vernier Caliper Basic Information
Pierre Vernier, a Frenchman, invented the vernier caliper in 1631 as a tool for taking extremely precise linear measurements. It has two graduated scales: the vernier, a specifically graduated auxiliary scale that slides parallel to the main scale and allows readings to be made down to a fraction of a division on the main scale,… (0 comment)

The invention of the Vernier Caliper dates back to the 16th century. Since that time, vernier caliper has been used by scientists of different fields for several purposes. But during the last few decades, every instrument is digitalized, so does the vernier caliper, and it took the form of a digital caliper. Most people, whose… (0 comment)

Many companies manufacture Vernier Calipers among which Mitutoyo is known for its wide range of list from small model to digital which includes Mitutoyo sensors. This is a list of Mitutoyo vernier calipers from simple and cheapest to most advanced and expensive tools along with their specifications. 1) Vernier Caliper (530 Series): This is standard… (0 comment)

If you have used vernier caliper then you may be aware that it is initially zeroed to get accurate measurement. But on many occasions negative zero reading occurs, but what does this error mean? Everyone who used vernier caliper knows that before this precise measurement instrument is used the zero on the main scale is… (0 comment)

Vernier Caliper Used By Car Mechanics
Vernier Caliper is considered one of the most precise measurement tool which is used from scientific laboratories to the car mechanics shops because of its accuracy. It’s because of this importance that almost in every engineering university or diploma institute students have to learn the practical use of vernier caliper. Car Mechanics also require to… (0 comment)