Vernier Caliper Parts Names & Possible Replacements
The Vernier caliper is a measuring instrument. The instrument consists of various parts and it is a good idea to be acquainted with these parts and their possible replacements so that the measuring device can be used to perfection. Vernier caliper jaws are used to take the inside measurements of an object, such as the… (0 comment)

Vernier Logger Pro and Lite Benefits For Students
Students of science and math are often faced with a challenge to collect and analyze data. Infact, data collection and analysis is an integral part of their subject. The speedy development of technology has turned up as a blessing and has provided students with a vast array of softwares to help them in their studies,… (0 comment)

Vernier Thruster Space Craft Rocket Engine
Vernier Thrusters are a special type of rocket engines used primarily in spacecraft. They are a component of the Attitude control systems or the Reaction Control systems employed in spacecraft. Vernier Thrusters are so called because they are used to provide fine adjustments to the direction and orientation of the spacecraft much like the vernier… (0 comment)