Vernier Caliper Used By Car Mechanics
Vernier Caliper is considered one of the most precise measurement tool which is used from scientific laboratories to the car mechanics shops because of its accuracy. It’s because of this importance that almost in every engineering university or diploma institute students have to learn the practical use of vernier caliper. Car Mechanics also require to… (0 comment)

Vernier Caliper Use in Make Up
Vernier Calipers is a simple yet very useful device that is used for small measurements. This is a handy device that is an important part for every engineering toolkit. Engineers are often faced with a task of taking small measurements. Sometimes engineers may need to take measurements of internal diameters of the pipe or the… (0 comment)

How to Read a Vernier Scale On Different Instruments?
Vernier caliper is a measuring instrument used to take measurements of small objects with precision. The instrument has a main scale and a sliding secondary scale. The reading is a combination of the readings on these scales. Hence, it is important to first know how to read these scales before proceeding with the task. The… (1 comment)

Basic Working Principle of Vernier Calipers
We have thoroughly established that the Vernier Caliper is an amazingly versatile tool which enables the measurement of lengths with a much greater degree of accuracy than other tools. The Vernier caliper provides this function along with the ability to measure depth, and inside and outside radius measurements of objects. Not to mention it is… (1 comment)

Vernier Sights-Importance and Usage
Vernier sights are important components of firearms, helping to improve the accuracy of rifles over a longer range. Sights are fixtures attached to firearms which help the user to aim at  a target. The most basic type of sights were the Iron sights which were made up of two metal blades placed in the line of… (0 comment)