Digital Vernier Calipers & Dial Calipers Comparison
There are a variety of calipers available these days namely digital, vernier and dial calipers. In this article we will be discussing the differences between a digital vernier caliper and dial caliper. Dial Caliper At the heart of the dial caliper lies a mechanical system made up of a rack and pinion. The dial is… (0 comment)

Vernier Caliper Common Advantages & Disadvantages for Users
Vernier Calipers are precision measuring instruments with a higher accuracy level. It is one of the best caliper to measure least count of any object. However there are certain number of advantages and disadvantages about these instruments which are discussed below. Vernier Caliper is very important tool in manufacturing industry and has lot of benefits.… (0 comment)

All About Vernier Caliper’s History & Theory Description
What is a Vernier Caliper? A vernier caliper is a caliper consisting of two pieces joined together with one being stationary while the other slides on top of it. The fixed part features a graduated scale while the sliding part has a vernier scale on it. It can also be described as two L-shaped frames joined… (0 comment)

Precision Measurement of Vernier Calipers and its Accuracy
What is Accuracy? The accuracy of a measurement by Vernier Calipers is defined by how near it is to the actual or true value, according to ISO 5725-1. In the case of multiple measurements of the same object, the accuracy takes into account the effect of random and systematic errors. The term accuracy is also used… (1 comment)