Cheapest Plastic Vernier Caliper – 6in Almost Useless
A pocket friendly vernier caliper can be an extremely useful tool for people who need to make precise measurements on the fly and save the hassle of carrying around a lengthy tool in a wooden box. Plastic vernier calipers are a popular choice in this regard since they reduce the probability of scratching the surface… (0 comment)

ML Tools Digital Caliper 68202 Poor Assembly & LCD with Zero Error
The Assembly:The poor assembly was apparent from the start when the caliper started producing scratching sounds when its jaws were opened. The feeling was reinforced when observed that the two measuring jaws were not parallel with each other which explained the noise. SE 781BC Vernier Caliper also have these type of problems. However the caliper… (1 comment)

The Weirdest SE 781BC Vernier Caliper Ever Experienced
Although my expectations were not too high from these calipers, I was still surprised by what looked like the strangest calipers I have ever seen. The machining was extremely poor for a production item and I wouldn’t have taken them seriously if I had known beforehand how bad the machining would be. Even machine like SE… (0 comment)