Sorry to Use Carrera Precision CP5924 24-Inch Digital Caliper
The Carrera precision CP5924 24 inch digital caliper is a tool designed to provide accurate and easy measurements at the workplace. It is the longest version of the digital calipers offered by Carrera Precision and is designed to measure parts with lengthy dimensions and large dimensions. It weighs in at 4.2 pounds and comes with… (0 comment)

Great Value Neiko 01409A Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper
Neiko has been trying to capture a place in the market for inexpensive vernier calipers which are widely in demand by people who are looking for tools to use in their personal workshops or projects or do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on calipers from renowned companies like Mitutoyo, Starrett etc. Neiko has… (0 comment)

SE 784EC Digital Caliper Misaligned & Poor LEDs
The good reviews of the SE784EC Digital Caliper led me to try out the product even though I wasn’t sure of the quality of a caliper as cheap as this. Even then I was shocked at the poor quality when I received the product. The build quality was very unsatisfactory and the measuring surfaces were… (0 comment)