Difference Between Vernier Caliper & Meter Rule
Vernier Caliper and Meter Ruler both are used for measuring length but have different purpose and roles. So to know which tool should be used you should understand the basic differences in these two tools. Vernier Scale is the precise measuring device which can be used to measure length including outside dimensions, inside dimensions and… (0 comment)

Vernier Caliper: 5 Fields Are Using It Interestingly
Vernier Calipers is the best instrument for measuring anything precisely and accurately as it can measure up to one hundredth of a millimeter. It is because of this accuracy that it is used in different fields. It consists of internal & external Jaw, imperial & metric scales, a locking screw and a depth measurement prong.… (0 comment)

Basic Working Principle of Vernier Calipers
We have thoroughly established that the Vernier Caliper is an amazingly versatile tool which enables the measurement of lengths with a much greater degree of accuracy than other tools. The Vernier caliper provides this function along with the ability to measure depth, and inside and outside radius measurements of objects. Not to mention it is… (1 comment)

Vernier Caliper Functions & Important Parts
It has already been established that the Vernier caliper is one of the most widely used measuring instruments after the measuring scale. The vernier caliper allows users to measure distances with a far greater degree of accuracy than a measuring scale which is vital in most engineering applications. The concept for the vernier caliper came… (5 comments)

Vernier Caliper Experiments, Example & Test
In this article we will discuss some basic experiments using vernier calipers to measure the dimensions of a few basic geometries. These experiments are a good way to familiarize yourself with the measuring technique and hone your skills of taking readings and finding out the properties of different geometrical shapes that you may encounter on… (0 comment)