Vernier Caliper Least Count & Length Reading Formula
The least count is an important defining parameter for any kind of scale. It is defined as the minimum value that can be measured on the scale and is the distance between two small graduations. The least count is also significant because it is directly linked with the accuracy of an instrument and in some cases… (4 comments)

How to Read a Vernier Caliper & Reading Exercise
The foremost attribute associated with vernier calipers is precision and accuracy of measurement. Vernier calipers provide a higher degree of accuracy in measuring lengths than comparable tools with most common metric calipers able to measure values in centimetres up to 2 decimal places i.e an accuracy of 0.01 cm. This is possible due to the… (1 comment)

Vernier Caliper Radius Measuring Gauge Tool
Vernier Calipers are multipurpose tools which can be used to measure different type of things such as lengths of objects, inside and outside diameters and even depths. In previous articles we discussed the proper method to use a vernier caliper to measure a cylinder’s dimensions and the diameter and volume of a sphere. Something a bit… (0 comment)

Reading Steps of Vernier Calipers Measurements
Even if the Vernier caliper has various multiple uses to measure a range of diverse dimensions, it’s the method by which Vernier caliper reading is analyzed which always remains consistent throughout the measurement process. The reading on a Vernier caliper is an combination of the value obtained from the main scale and the value evident… (0 comment)

Vernier Caliper Practice for Finding Cylinders’ Dia & Volume
Cylinder is a basic geometrical object used in various applications of daily life and industrial world.  Some of the very common examples of straight cylindrical shapes are flat cylindrical glasses, ball bearings, gas cylinders etc. Thus if a person understands how to work out the volume of a cylinder, then these dimensions can be sorted… (0 comment)