Cheapest Plastic Vernier Caliper – 6in Almost Useless

plastic caliperA pocket friendly vernier caliper can be an extremely useful tool for people who need to make precise measurements on the fly and save the hassle of carrying around a lengthy tool in a wooden box. Plastic vernier calipers are a popular choice in this regard since they reduce the probability of scratching the surface of other items in your pocket or bag or even ripping a hole which may be a problem with metal calipers. If a caliper is cheap as well then it couldn’t get any better. I also read that General Tools 6-Inches Digital Fractional Caliper has also many issues like this caliper.

However this is not the case with this particular vernier caliper. The build quality is substandard which makes it hard to move the slider on the scale and it can get stuck. Not only is this an inconvenience but it makes it difficult to take a precise reading which is the whole point of having a vernier caliper. Some people have reported that using a few drops of oil makes it move more smoothly but it still involves a lot of patience if you want to take an accurate measurement without breaking the caliper. On top of that the oil may even leave a stain inside your bag or pocket if you apply too much.

According to many users, the scale markings on the caliper are also not very clear which reduces the accuracy of the caliper even further. Some users have even said that free giveaway calipers have performed better than this one and even a simple plastic ruler is more comfortable and sometimes more accurate than this 6 inch plastic caliper.

All in all even though this caliper is very cheap it still doesn’t offer good value for money and doesn’t possess the qualities which a vernier caliper should have.

By Ruth Mac

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