General Tools 6-Inches Digital Fractional Caliper Just Good for Show

digital-vernier-caliperGeneral Tool’s 6 inch Digital Caliper is a sleek looking tool which features a fractional display LCD, but as many of its users found out; looks can be deceiving. A variety of problems ranging from low battery life to errors in readings and frustration while removing the back cover have served to make this tool quite unpopular amongst the public.Another caliper i.e. Calipro Digital Caliper has also some different issues which can be read here.

The major complaint as we stated earlier lies with the poor battery life of the tool. Users reported the battery dying out much earlier than expected form a period of 4 months to even 10 days of use and the batteries seem to get used up even when the caliper is not in operation. Replacing the batteries is another hassle as people found the absence of a slide out battery cover and the location of the battery cover screw very frustrating. This may seem like a small issue but it could take you a long time to find it if you don’t know where to look.

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These nuisances may have been overlooked though if the performance of the caliper was up to the mark, but turns out that even there the 6 inch digital vernier caliper from General Tools Co fails to deliver. The readings tend to fluctuate quite often which puts the accuracy of the tool in question and zeroing the reading can also be a problem.

Some people also had problems with the LCD display which did not show the fractions properly. There must be many examples of the tool working well for some people but with so many inconsistencies it may be a more sensible decision to try out some other more reliable option son the markets which may not look as good but may perform much better.

By Eric Klein

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