Great Value Neiko 01409A Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

neiko 01409aNeiko has been trying to capture a place in the market for inexpensive vernier calipers which are widely in demand by people who are looking for tools to use in their personal workshops or projects or do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on calipers from renowned companies like Mitutoyo, Starrett etc. Neiko has succeeded somewhat in capturing the attention of buyers and was included in our list of top ten cheap vernier caliper manufacturers discussed in a previous article.

The Neiko 01409 A vernier caliper is a tool which hopes to help that success and it fulfills the objective in a comfortable way.  Weighing in at 1.4 pounds, it is a sleek digital vernier caliper with a large LCD and can measure lengths up to 12 inches. The LCD can display readings accurate up to two decimal places in both inches and millimetres and the caliper can measure both inside and outside diameters as well as depths with a depth gauge attached at the end. Switching between units can be done instantly with the press of a button which saves the hassle of carrying out conversions every time.

What makes the Neiko 01409A electronic digital caliper so good though is its value for money. Costing under 40$, it offers the features you would expect from a modern digital caliper but it doesn’t break down like many other alternatives in its price range. Most buyers were happy with the accuracy of the measurements and surprised at the tool’s durability and longevity.

The tool comes with an extra pair of batteries which is quite thoughtful and a plastic protective case. This case has been the topic of some complaints though as it doesn’t seem to be sturdy or durable like the tool itself. All in all though the Neiko 01409A vernier caliper is a satisfying product in its price range.

Reviewed by Sohnn Elliott

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