List of 10 World’s Best Quality Digital Vernier Calipers

Measurements are an inescapable part of the world of engineering and design. Anything that is made, be it a structure, machine or tool has to have very specific dimensions. Often the accuracy of the measurements determines the performance of a machine.  Vernier calipers comes in here as one of the most widely used tools for accurate measurements of lengths and diameters up to 0.01mm.

In previous articles we discussed the top ten vernier and digital calipers offered by various reputed manufacturers and also the best calipers according to their price ranges. Now in this article we will be listing the top 10 best digital vernier calipers based on their popularity and customer reviews.

Fowler 54 Xtra Value:fowler 54 xtra value

As the name suggests, this caliper is from Fowler which is a well known vernier caliper manufacturer. However at only 35$, it is much more affordable than you would expect from a high end manufacturer. It can show measurments in both mm and inches and comes with an extra battery. One drawback is that the LCD only has auto off and no off button which can cause the battery to drain more quickly.

Generic Vernier Caliper:generic caliper

This vernier caliper may not look impressive but gets the job done at a very low price. Coming from somewhere in China, it features a large LCD screen which can show units in both metric and inches. It can perform regular functions like inside and outside measurements, depth and step measurements. However the build quality is not so good and the caliper has the tendency to break easily.

ML Tools Digital Caliper:

ml tools digital caliper

This caliper is made from stainless steel and boasts highly accurate readings of up to 0.01 millimeters. It allows the setting of the origin or zero at any point on the scale which makes it quicker and easier to compare lengths of different objects. A spare battery is also included with the unit. At only $35 it gives very good value for money.

CAPRI Tools Cp20001:capri tools cp 200001

This Caliper is another popular entry among the low to mid range buyers. It Features a robust. Stainless steel body and a large LCD which can switch units between mm and inches easily with the push of a button. The battery life can be a bit short so it is good that it comes with an extra and a one year warranty which makes it a pretty attractive buy for $20.

Carrera Precision CP9806-TF:

carrera precision

This tool from Carrera Precision is a sleek and sturdy looking caliper with a titanium head and jaws along with a hard stainless steel body. The LCD is large and can display fractions as well. The accuracy of the tool is up to 0.001inches and it is easy to use with an adjustable thumb screw. A common problem though seemed to be with the battery which drains fast and is tedious to replace. The caliper costs $ 30.

Top 10 Cheapest Vernier Caliper Prices in Online Market

IGaging IP54:igaging ip54

The iGaging IP54 is a water and dust proof digital caliper.It features a stainless steel body which has lapped surfaces to give the highest finished quality and easy movement of the caliper scale. The display is large and easy to read and can display readings in both inches and SI scales as well as in fractions.

NEIKO 01407 A:neiko 01407a

The NEIKO 01407 A is a 6 inch digital vernier caliper which features a large LCD for easy reading. It has precision  made jaws and a sturdy stainless steel body. it has a resolution of 0.01 mm and can switch between inches and mm with a button. The caliper has earned itself a reputation for being reliable and accurate and for a price of $ 18.3 that is all you can ask for.

Bestpriceam Digital Vernier Caliper:bestpriceam caliper

The Bestpriceam digital vernier caliper makes this list simply because it manages to be one of the most affordable calipers available on the market. Featuring an all plastic body, it may look quite cheap (which it is) but it still manages to perform all the functions you can expect from a decent vernier caliper like inside and outside measurements, unit conversion and even zero point setting. However it features a slightly lower resolution of 0.1 mm and doesn’t include any batteries.

Mitutoyo 500 Absolute Digimatic Caliper:mitutoyo 500

The Mitutoyo 500 digimatic caliper is a stainless steel constructed digital vernier caliper which can measure up to 6 inches. It comes with the high quality build and reliability that is associated with the brand of Mitutoyo. Although it is slightly expensive at  $110 it will put your mind at ease and is an ideal tool and a high quality caliper for industrial and regular use.

SE 784EC:se 784ec

The SE 784 EC digital vernier caliper is one of the best digital vernier calipers in the market and has gained a lot of popularity. It has similar features like a large LCD capable of displaying multiple units and a thumb roller for smooth operation. It can measure readings as low as 0.001 mm and has a certified calibration. All this is available at a price of just $19.99 which makes it affordable.

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