List of Digital & Analog Vernier Caliper With Prices

Vernier Calipers are available from many different manufacturers in several styles and qualities. These depend on the material, the construction and features of the vernier caliper and ultimately reflect upon its price. In the following article we will discuss a list of digital and analog vernier calipers along with how much they should cost.


Analog vernier calipers are well loved for their sturdiness. They are a traditional form of caliper and although they have lesser features than more modern calipers, they are very  useful for out of the box usage, and in harsh environments without any fear of damage.

  1. Mitutoyo 530-101

The Mitutoyo 530-101 is a standard issue vernier caliper from the renowned Mitutoyo company. It is available in a range of 150mm.

Price : $85

  1. Mitutoyo 530-102

This Vernier caliper is another instrument designed for normal usage. It can measure up to 150 mm and has a depth measuring bar as well. It is also available in inches.

Price : $ 81

  1. Mahr Federal 16 U Dial Caliper:

The Mahr Federal 16 U is a dial caliper available in a range of 150 mm. the dial helps determine the measurement very accurately on the dial scale.

Price: $103

  1. Mitutoyo 530-119

The Mitutoyo 530-119 vernier caliper is available in a 300 mm measuring range. It contains a dual scale with both metric and imperial units.

Price: $188

Next we will discuss some of the models of Vernier Calipers available for buyers in India.

  1. MGW Vernier Caliper

This vernier caliper from MGW has a measuring length of 200 mm with a dual vernier scale with both inches and millimeters. It comes with a warranty of 6 months

Price: Rs 3625

  1. Aerospace Vernier Caliper

This is a low end vernier caliper available at a very cheap price. It can measure up to 150 mm.

Price: Rs 951

  1. Mitutoyo 532-121


The Mitutoyo 532-121 series vernier caliper comes with fine adjustment and high quality.

Price: Rs 8875

  1. Insize Vernier Caliper

This vernier caliper can measure up to 130 mm and has an accuracy of 0.03 mm

Price: Rs 1536

The following are some options available in the United Kingdom

  1. Baty Workshop Caliper

A workshop vernier caliper available from Baty with a range of 200 mm.

Price: 26.40 Pounds

  1. Moore and Wright 150 series

The Moore and Wright 150 series vernier caliper is available in a measuring range of up to 1000 mm which is useful in engineering workshops and industries etc.

Price: 357 Pounds


Digital vernier calipers are fast growing in the vernier caliper market with a wide range of versatile features such as computer connectivity, dynamic zero point setting and instant and accurate measurements.

  1. Mitutoyo 500-195 Digital Caliper:

The Mitutoyo digital caliper is available with absolute measuring technology and depth measurement.

Price: $144

  1. Brown and Sharpe Valueline:

The Brown and Sharpe Valueline digital caliper can measure up to 150 mm or 6 inches.

Price: $109

  1. Brown and Sharpe 0059:

This Brown and Sharpe caliper is water resistant with an IP40 certification and contains a round depth rod for easier measurement.

Price: $143

  1. Starrett EC 799A:

Starrett is a name which is synonymous with sturdy and durable products. This model is available in a 150 mm range.

Price: $156

  1. Insize Digital Caliper:

Insize Digital caliper is a stainless steel caliper with a good accuracy and available in a reasonable price.

Price: Rs 2450

  1. Baker Digital caliper:

The Baker digital caliper can take measurements of up to 300 mm and has a 1 year warranty.

Price:  Rs 7750

  1. Mitutotyo Digimatic:

The Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper price is very good for its performance and the level of quality

Price: 8640

  1. Moore and Wright Absolute Digital Caliper:

The Moore and Wright Absolute digital caliper comes with an IP54 waterproof certification and a data output port.

Price: 72 Pounds

  1. Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic Caliper:

The Mitutoyo Absolute digimatic caliper is coolant proof for use with various machinery and is available with UKAS calibration.

Price:  156 Pounds

  1. Baty Waterproof Caliper:

The Baty waterproof caliper has an IP 67 rating. It can measure up to 6 inches.

Price: 118 Pounds

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