Mitutoyo Digital Vernier Caliper List With Specifications

Many companies manufacture Vernier Calipers among which Mitutoyo is known for its wide range of list from small model to digital which includes Mitutoyo sensors.

This is a list of Mitutoyo vernier calipers from simple and cheapest to most advanced and expensive tools along with their specifications.

1) Vernier Caliper (530 Series):

Mitutoyo standard vernier caliper

This is standard and simplest vernier caliper by Mitutoyo which can measure outside & inside dimensions along with depth and steps. There are multiple models in this series which are identical except in few features.

530 series offers carbide tipped jaws of vernier caliper for rough finished parts and stones. It also offers meter/inch and inch only models. They allow measurement of 100 to 600 mm which is the usual use of the tool.

2) ABS Digimatic Digital Caliper:

Mitutoyo digital vernier caliper

This vernier caliper allows its user to measure not only the inside, outside & depth but also allows step values for versatility. It is a truly digital caliper because it comes with Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) electromagnetic inductive sensor for resistance to dirt, oil, and water.

The measuring range for ABS Digimatic Caliper is 0 to 6″ (0 to 150mm) and comes with 0.0005″ increments for precision which makes it a preferable tool for industrial work.

3) ABS Solar Digimatic Caliper (500 series):

Mitutoyo solar vernier caliper

It is world’s only solar powered caliper which ends the problem of repeated setting to avoid zero error. Being solar charged means that you don’t have to worry about the battery like other vernier calipers.

It allows step measurement and integrates statistical process control with data output connector which makes it one of the most sophisticated vernier caliper.

4) Super Caliper:

Mitutoyo vernier caliper

Want a vernier caliper which is solar powered and water proof? Then Super Caliper by Mitutoyo is what you are searching for. Being water proof means you can use it in any environment and fluid.

It takes an hour to charge and can work for up to 1 hour without any charging. It comes with different models with measuring range of 0-200 mm or 0-8 inch with a maximum weight of 210 gram.

5) Cera Caliper Checker:

Mitutoyo vernier caliper checker

If you want to check, inspect and set your simple, dial or digimatic calipers than you may need a device such as Cera caliper checker. It comes with high-grade ceramic gauge blocks which helps the inspecting and setting of calipers.

Mitutoyo is a Japanese corporation which specializes in manufacturing of measuring instruments and metrological technology including vernier calipers.

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