Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper Offers Various Types for Different Needs

Mitutoyo is a brand that is synonymous with high quality precision instruments since a long time. It is counted amongst the oldest and largest manufacturers of precision measuring instruments in the world. One of the defining features of Mitutoyo is their attention to the needs of every aspect of the market. This is also reflected in their Vernier Caliper range which boasts different types of calipers for different needs and budgets. The following are the categories of vernier calipers offered by Mitutoyo.

1. Standard Vernier Caliper:

Standard Vernier Caliper

 This is the basic type of vernier caliper which features a simple metal design with graduated scales. These calipers come in various models which can measure from 100 to 600 mm with an accuracy of upto +-0.05 mm. It is capable of measuring inside and outside diameters, depths and steps and the jaws have carbide tips which means they can easily be used with rough objects.

2Vernier Calipers With Fine Adjustments:

Vernier Calipers With Fine Adjustments

This series of calipers includes a fine adjustment thumb screw which helps the user to make very slight adjustments to the sliding scale to achieve greater accuracy. These calipers are offered in a measuring range up to 280mm and have an accuracy as high as +-0.03 mm. They are also available with dual scales which have both metric and inch graduations.

3. Vernier Calipers with Auto Stop Function:

Vernier Calipers with Auto Stop Function
The Auto Stop function provided in this type of vernier calipers comes in the form of a spring loaded thumb clamp which has to be pressed in order for the vernier scale to move. This allows users to hold readings more accurately for later viewing and eliminates the errors caused by changes in grip while reading the vernier caliper. 

4. Parallax Free Type Vernier Caliper:

Parallax Free Type Vernier Caliper

These vernier calipers are designed to eliminate parallax errors which are the most common types of error associated with measuring instruments. The calipers feature a main scale with an octagonal cross section which is flush fitted to the vernier scale which eliminates parallax errors and a locking screw is placed beneath the vernier scale for convenient locking. They are available in ranges up to 150 mm with an accuracy of +-0.05mm.

5. Digital Caliper With Nib Style Jaws:

Digital Caliper With Nib Style Jaws

The Mitutoyo 550 series digital calipers feature large lcd displays capable of displaying readings with a resolution of 0.01mm. The calipers have nib style jaws which allow inside and outside diameter measurements to be taken from the same set of jaws. They are also equipped with the Absolute measurement system which eliminates the need for setting the origin before taking a measurement. They are available in ranges up to a 1000mm with an accuracy up to +-0.03mm.

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6.  Digital Caliper With Nib And Standard Jaws:

Digital Caliper With Nib And Standard Jaws

The Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic 551 series calipers contain a nib style jaw on one side and standard style jaws on the other side of the main scale. The standard jaws are designed to facilitate the measurement of thin objects. Other than that the calipers are splash and dust resistant and feature the Absolute measurement system. A separate data output connector can be used to output values to a control system or measurement system.

7. Dial Calipers:

Dial Calipers

The Mitutoyo 505 series Dial Calipers are designed to offer high accuracy and smooth operation. The yellow dials are designed for easy reading and the sliding surfaces contain an aluminium coating to increase their durability. They are available in ranges up to 300 mm and offer accuracies ranging between +-0.015 to +-0.03 mm. They are also available in inch scales.

8. Coolant Proof, Carbon Fibre Calipers:

Coolant Proof, Carbon Fibre Calipers

The Mitutoyo Digimatic 552 series is built for exceptional functionality and performance in rough conditions. These calipers feature a carbon fibre reinforced plastic body and jaws to make them extra lightweight. Due to their light weight, these calipers are offered in large measuring ranges up to 2000mm and an accuracy of +-0.04mm. In addition these calipers are water proof with IP66 certification and incorporate the Absolute measurement system and the ability to be connected to data measurement systems for analysis.

9. Long Jaw Vernier Caliper:

Long Jaw Vernier Caliper

The Mitutoyo Series 534 vernier calipers are designed with long jaws to make it easy to take measurements in areas that are hard to reach and can be very handy in workshops. The jaws have a nib style design which is capable of taking both inside and outside measurements. These types of calipers are offered in ranges up to  1000mm with 0.05 mm graduations and an accuracy up to +-0.05 mm.

10. Long Jaw Calipers With Fine Adjustment:

Long Jaw Calipers With Fine Adjustment
The series 160 vernier calipers from Mitutoyo are designed to take measurements in tight places where it may not be possible for ordinary calipers to reach. They are also equipped with a fine adjustment thumb screw for locking and adjusting the vernier scale. The measuring ranges on offer are up to 2000mm with an accuracy up to +-0.04mm.

11. Digital Calipers With Carbide Tipped Jaws:

Digital Calipers With Carbide Tipped Jaws

The Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic Vernier calipers are digital calipers equipped with an electromagnetic induction system which allows them to operate under diverse conditions and bear exposure from dust, coolant and oil. Their carbide tipped jaws work well even on rough surfaces. The zero button can be used to set the display to zero on any point which is useful for comparative measure and the absolute measurement system eliminates the need to reset the origin before measuring.

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12. Solar Powered Digital Caliper:

Solar Powered Digital Caliper

The Mitutoyo Series 500 Solar powered digital calipers are built to last for long periods without the need for any battery. The calipers can work in any light intensity above 60 lux and the zero point needs to be set only once and the caliper retains it from there on. They are available in both metric and inch units and are offered in measuring ranges up to 200mm.

13. Water Proof Digital Caliper:

Water Proof Digital Caliper

Keeping up with modern technology and designed for extensive use in rough conditions, the Mitutoyo 500 series digital calipers are a popular choice for workshop and industrial use. They come with IP67 certification which means they are water and dust proof. In addition they boast a number of features like carbide faced jaws, absolute measurement system and the ability to interface directly with spreadsheet software.

14.  All In One Super Caliper:

All In One Super Caliper

The Mitutoyo Super Caliper is a top of the line caliper which incorporates the most desirable features in one package. The digital calipers include IP67 dust and water proof certification for working in rough industrial conditions. The origin does not need to be set on every restart thanks to the Absolute measurement system and the display is designed to withstand larger impacts.

On top of all this, the Super Caliper is Solar powered so no need to worry about charging batteries. Available in ranges up to 200 mm with an accuracy of +-0.02mm, the Super Caliper takes care of all possible needs of its users. 

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