NEIKO 01407A Digital Caliper Having Gaps between Internal Jaws

Digital CaliperRecently I evaluated the performance of the NEIKO 01407A compared to 6 other digital calipers from various brands. This comparison revealed to me that although the NEIKO tends to get a lot of positive reviews it is not because it is better in performance than the other calipers. Rather, its popularity seems to be solely because of its very low price which has led to more people using the product.

During my comparison I found out that the NEIKO finished at the bottom of the lot across the whole data set and in addition its accuracy and build quality was significantly inferior, especially compared to the iGaging EZCAL. Moreover I failed to take accurate measurements of internal diameters due to a gap between the internal measuring jaws.

My suggestion would be to buy the iGaging EZCAL if you have a budget below $30 because it is the best digital caliper in this price bracket even though it costs $10 more than the NEIKO 01407A.


  • Inaccurate internal measurements due to a gap present between the internal measuring jaws. 
  • Although it achieved its rated accuracy of 0.0015” after taking the average of the entire data set, this was not true when taking measurements at the jaw ends where the error was twice as much (0.003”).
  • There seems to be a lack of coherence between the measuring and ruling bodies which is a major reason for its increased error.
  • When stacked up against the iGaging EZCal its build quality and finishing looks really poor.


  • Low price
  • Ability to have a data output cable attached to it (through hacking).

Reviewed by Weaver Atwell.

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  • Well! Good to hear that NEIKO is in trending. But I’m having a question can u please explain this.
    What is the use of that gap between the jaws when the jaws are closed? What that gap known as?


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