OEM/6 in. Versus Maplin’s Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

maplin digital caliperThe market place is filled with a large variety of similar looking products from different manufacturers all claiming  to be the best. Although a range of choices can be good for consumers of different tastes it can be difficult sometimes to determine from the large number of mentioned features that which tool is the right one for you.


This is where a good comparison can be of use. In this article we have taken two calipers with similar price ranges and attempted to compare them with each other according to their features,price, configuration and their user reviews  to see which one performs better.

The first caliper on our comparison is from the brand OEM. It’s a 6 inch or 150 mm digital caliper. Its constructed from hardened stainless steel and features a large LCD display with the ability to show readings in metric and SI units. It comes with an extra battery and plastic case.

The competitor is Maplin’s electronic digital caliper. It too measures up to 6 inches and features  a large LCD which can show readings in both imperial and metric units. It is capable of taking both inside and outside measurements accurately and features a lightweight and durable steel body.

In terms of accuracy, the OEM caliper takes the advantage with a 0.0005 inch accuracy compared to Maplin’s 0.001 inches. However the Maplin electronic digital caliper has a better resolution of 0.0005 inches while the OEM has only 0.0156 inch resolution. Both the calipers feature thumb rollers for sliding the jaws and come in protective plastic cases.

However the Maplin’s case seems to be built with slightly more superior quality as the OEM case is a very basic clear plastic one that gets the job done but doesn’t feel too premium.

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Both the OEM and Maplin calipers have adjustable zeroing functions which allow the user to set the zero point at any position. The Maplin however remembers the setting even if the caliper is turned off which makes it easy to use on the go without having to worry about zeroing every time. An important factor of comparison is always the price.

The OEM 6 inch digital caliper is available for $28 while the Maplin electronic digital caliper is priced a bit lower at $23. However the OEM makes up for its price difference by offering an extra battery with its caliper.

Both these calipers come under the category of low priced digital vernier calipers with a lot of similar features like zeroing, screw thumb rollers, large LCD displays and stainless steel bodies. The Maplin electronic digital caliper offers slightly better features and a better build quality however it has some issues with its accuracy which can fluctuate a bit which has caused a bit of uncertainty among its users.

The OEM digital caliper offers better accuracy and an extra battery but is slightly more expensive and has a below average casing. So these are the main differences between these calipers but whichever you choose you will be getting a suitable tool for garage and workshop use but for more precise work you should consider something in a slightly higher price bracket.

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