Online Shopping of Top Ten High Quality Industrial Vernier Calipers

Vernier Calipers come in a wide range of prices. From cheap 10$ calipers to the ridiculously expensive ones which cost thousands of dollars, there is a wide range of choice online for potential buyers. Last time we discussed about the lowest priced vernier calipers available on the market but if you are looking for extreme precision and long lasting durability you might want to spend more money. In this list we will be looking at 10 vernier calipers which will make you spend the most money and what you will get in return for it.

1. Digi-Fiber Electronic Vernier Caliper

The Digi-Fiber Electronic Vernier Caliper is a high precision and lightweight vernier caliper made from high end materials to provide ease of use and durability over a long period of time. Made by Flexbar Machine Corporation, these calipers contain jaws made from a light alloy with a Niploy coating and a hardened tin coating on the measuring surfaces. The jaws themselves measure 200 mm in length and 300 mm in depth. The frame is made from Carbon fiber and the range of measurements is up to 100 inches or 2500mm. The price of the caliper is $6995 only.

2. Fowler Sylvac Ultra-Light Mark III Electronic Caliper

The Sylvac Ultra-Light Mark III Caliper is a digital vernier caliper made by Fowler. This particular caliper is made from lightweight aluminum with stainless steel guides to make it light and sturdy for easy handling. The measuring jaws are made from stainless steel with a Titanium coating which protects the jaws from wear and tear and keeps it free from corrosion. The electronic display offers readings up to 2 decimal places in millimetres (0.01mm) and 0.0005 inches in imperial units with the ability to switch instantaneously between the two. Differential measurements which allow comparison between lengths is also featured and all this for the humble price of $1302 for the 12” model up to $6409 for the 80” caliper.

3. Digi-Met Electronic Caliper-0-80″

The Digi-Met Electronic Caliper is another product from Flexbar Machining Corporation for the high end user market. These calipers are made from hardened stainless steel with a measuring range of 80” or 2000mm. The display allows unit conversion between imperial and metric units and instant readings with a resolution of 0.005”or 0.01mm in a variety of temperatures up to 40 degree Celsius. The caliper can be easily connected to a computer with a RS232C port and measurements can be directly incorporated into spreadsheets or any other software. It uses 3V lithium batteries which should last till 3 years. The price for these vernier calipers is $5400.

4. Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE 552-164-10 Digital Caliper

The Mitutoyo 552 Digital vernier calipers are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastics which gives them the advantage of reduced weight as well as improved durability and damage resistance. It features a nib type jaw design which allows both inside and outside measurements to be taken from one side of the calipers. The LCD features a resolution of 0.01mm or 0.0005” with easy unit conversion. The unit can also be connected to a computer via an SPC cable. The included Silver Oxide battery has an estimated life of 3000 hours. The caliper can measure up to 80 inches and is priced at $3790.

5. Starrett F5005BZ-24/600 Electronic Caliper

The Starret F5005BZ Electronic Caliper is designed to take high precision measurements in places that may be hard to reach thanks to its 12” jaw depth. This makes it a suitable instrument for quality control applications in industries. The caliper is made from hardened steel which is durable and resistant to corrosion and has the ability to measure up to 24” or 600 mm with an accuracy up to 0.001” or 0.002 mm and easy conversion between units possible on the display. The caliper can be connected to a computer with a RS232 cable and can be used with Starret’s wireless data collection system. The instrument comes in a special wooden case and costs $3181.

6. Starrett B5000BZ-40/1000 Electronic Caliper

This digital vernier caliper from Starrett is designed for improved durability and ease of handling with its lightweight carbon fiber frame and special stainless steel jaws coated with Titanium to make them very strong and resistant to corrosion. It has a measuring range of 40” and is capable of showing measurements up to 3 decimal places in millimeters and 4 decimal places (0.0005”) in inches. The LCD display can be connected to a computer using a RS232 cable and can convert between units easily. The calipers come with a CR2032 lithium battery and a wooden case for storage. The price is around $2530.

7. Eracle Electronic Vernier Caliper

The Eracle Electronic Vernier Caliper from Flexbar Mechanical Corporation is another vernier caliper designed to be precise, durable and lightweight. This is achieved by using stainless steel in the construction of the jaws and carbon fibre to make the beam of the caliper. This gives the caliper a lightweight and balanced feel making it easy to take measurements. The use of Swiss Sylvac electronics allows an accuracy of 0.0015 inches or 0.03 mm over the range of 32 inches (800mm) and can be connected to a pc using a RS232 output cable. The caliper also features IP54 protection against dust and moisture and comes with a price tag of $2070.

8. Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE 550-207-10 Digital Caliper

The Mitutoyo Absolute 550 Digital Vernier Caliper is an all-round caliper for use in a variety of environments. Featuring a stainless steel body for minimal wear and tear, the vernier caliper is capable of measuring inside and outside diameters due to its nib style jaw design. It can measure steps and depth as well as take differential measurements with ease. Mitutoyo’s Absolute Linear technology makes calibrating the origin extremely easy and its IP67 certification means it can be used in very wet conditions without fear of damage. The Mitutoyo can measure lengths up to 1000 mm up to 2 decimal places. It comes with a silver oxide battery capable of powering it for 3.5 years normal use and is priced at $1910.

9. Mitutoyo 500-507-10CAL Absolute Digimatic Caliper

The Mitutoyo 500-507-10CAL is a highly precise vernier caliper which can provide measurements up to 40” or 1000mm with a resolution of 0.005 inches and an accuracy of 0.003 inch. The digital caliper contains a certificate of calibration from Mitutoyo American Association which verifies the accuracy of the instrument within the range that is quoted according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standards. Apart from this the digital caliper features jaws made from stainless steel and the ability to display readings in both metric and imperial units along with the capability of providing data output to a computer via a SPC cable. The price of the caliper is $1803.

10. Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE 573 Series Digital Caliper

The Mitutoyo Absolute 573 series digital caliper features a uniquely designed pair of jaws which make it easy to measure distances in places with limited access. The centerline jaw is located behind the main scale so that measurements can be read from above the digital vernier caliper. This is also beneficial in depth measurements. The caliper is built from hardened stainless steel for durability while the display features easily accessible buttons to set the origin, zero and turn the power on and off. It comes in a number of varieties capable of measuring lengths of up to 200 or 300mm with an accuracy of 0.10mm. The price of the calipers is $1190.

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