Vernier Sensors for Light, Motion, Temperature, Sound & More
The Vernier Caliper is no longer a traditional simple tool for taking measurements. The modern advancement in technology has allowed modifications of this instrument to add speed and precision to this tool. There are various companies which have been in the business of dealing with the various measuring tools. These companies have adapted to the… (0 comment)

How to Read a Vernier Scale On Different Instruments?
Vernier caliper is a measuring instrument used to take measurements of small objects with precision. The instrument has a main scale and a sliding secondary scale. The reading is a combination of the readings on these scales. Hence, it is important to first know how to read these scales before proceeding with the task. The… (1 comment)

List of Digital & Analog Vernier Caliper With Prices
Vernier Calipers are available from many different manufacturers in several styles and qualities. These depend on the material, the construction and features of the vernier caliper and ultimately reflect upon its price. In the following article we will discuss a list of digital and analog vernier calipers along with how much they should cost. ANALOG… (0 comment)

Vernier Logger Pro and Lite Benefits For Students
Students of science and math are often faced with a challenge to collect and analyze data. Infact, data collection and analysis is an integral part of their subject. The speedy development of technology has turned up as a blessing and has provided students with a vast array of softwares to help them in their studies,… (0 comment)