OEM/6 in. Versus Maplin’s Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper
The market place is filled with a large variety of similar looking products from different manufacturers all claiming  to be the best. Although a range of choices can be good for consumers of different tastes it can be difficult sometimes to determine from the large number of mentioned features that which tool is the right… (0 comment)

Top Vernier Caliper Dealers & Distributors in USA
Being the birthplace of capitalism and a developed nation, USA has a much wider range of hardware and tools available on the market with a large number of vendors, dealers, distributors and manufacturers all competing for the customers’ attention. As such it can get a little overwhelming to find the right place to get reliable… (0 comment)

List of 10 World’s Best Quality Digital Vernier Calipers
Measurements are an inescapable part of the world of engineering and design. Anything that is made, be it a structure, machine or tool has to have very specific dimensions. Often the accuracy of the measurements determines the performance of a machine.  Vernier calipers comes in here as one of the most widely used tools for… (0 comment)

Top Vernier Caliper Manufacturers & Dealers in India
In this post we will discuss top vernier caliper manufacturers and dealers in India. There is a big market in India of vernier caliper. We have given company name as well as their phone number details.  South India Trading Company:  The South India Trading Company is an equipment dealership based in the city of Chennai… (0 comment)

National Metrology Institute & Country Wise Accreditation Bodies
Calibration laboratories for Master Calibrator’s i.e. Gauges are used to calibrate Vernier calipers instruments. These laboratories must be certified from Accreditation Bodies that has to be traceable with national metrology institute of country. Therefore National Metrology Institute for sixteen countries are discussed along with recognized Accreditation Bodies that can authorize laboratories to calibrate gauge blocks… (0 comment)