Prefer Vernier Caliper Over a Digital Caliper: Simple Facts!


The invention of the Vernier Caliper dates back to the 16th century. Since that time, vernier caliper has been used by scientists of different fields for several purposes. But during the last few decades, every instrument is digitalized, so does the vernier caliper, and it took the form of a digital caliper.

Most people, whose daily life activities require them to use these measuring instruments, are still wondering whether to use a vernier caliper or a digital caliper. Don’t worry; read out the article, and it will help you figure out all of your queries.

Vernier Caliper: The Old Always Remain Gold

Vernier caliper is an instrument of a resolution of 0.02mm that offers several advantages in measuring the lengths and diameters of a wide variety of objects. First, its mechanism is easy to understand; thus, most individuals prefer analog vernier caliper intuitively to determine dimensions. Second, it doesn’t require a battery to become functional. This feature makes it a handy gadget for daily life activities.

Moreover, the vernier caliper is a durable instrument. Its readings are not affected by water, temperature, or magnetic field in the surrounding. So it is pretty helpful in providing accurate readings regardless of the different environmental conditions.

Vernier caliper is the most affordable among all calipers and thus better suits an ordinary man.

Vernier caliper’s users face the only problem of the increased risk of human error and parallax error. But if someone puts keen efforts into taking measurements, the chances of such errors are significantly reduced. 

Digital Caliper: A Sensitive Innovation

Apart from having a better resolution and accuracy than the vernier caliper, the digital caliper has several disadvantages that affect the precision of measurements. I have a message for those who get attracted by the fascinating features of the digital caliper. It will help if you read all these disadvantages before buying one.

As better technology always comes with more significant sensitivity issues, so does the digital caliper, which is highly sensitive towards water, dirt, oil, and still a magnetic field of even small magnets. Unfortunately, due to its high sensitivity, the digital caliper often shows false readings leading to erroneous measurements. 

The digital caliper also shows battery issues. It doesn’t operate without a battery. Its battery also gets rusted if allowed to remain in a spare non-operational digital caliper for a long time. Not all this, the major problem faced by many, is its costly nature. It is the most expensive of all the calipers that are present in the market. 

Vernier Caliper vs. Digitial Caliper: The Conclusion

As a final decision, as vernier caliper offers all the basics features of taking measurements, it should be preferred over a digital caliper. Of course, you have to get accustomed to vernier caliper during the first few tries, and then it will become your best friend.

That’s all I guarantee. And one thing you shouldn’t neglect while buying a caliper is the quality of the material. As everyone knows, better quality lasts longer.

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