SE 784EC Digital Caliper Misaligned & Poor LEDs

 Digital CaliperThe good reviews of the SE784EC Digital Caliper led me to try out the product even though I wasn’t sure of the quality of a caliper as cheap as this. Even then I was shocked at the poor quality when I received the product. The build quality was very unsatisfactory and the measuring surfaces were not flat or smooth and looked like they had been machined very roughly. NEIKO 01407A Digital Caliper and Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Digital Caliper are also have issues same like this caliper.

The unpolished surfaces and edges contained a lot of sharp edges which was uncomfortable to use and could lead to injuries while using the caliper. The measuring surface were easily taken out of alignment which led to very high tolerances. In addition, the movement of the caliper scales was very uneven and clunky which made it difficult to obtain accurate measurements and caused a lot of frustration.

The SE 784EC caliper disappointed me greatly as it has a very low quality even for a caliper that costs only $19.99.

Even the LED display wasn’t functioning properly and the digits kept fluctuating while taking the measurements and it became necessary to take multiple measurements just to make sure it was correct. I am astonished at how poor this caliper is and I can say that I haven’t used a caliper worse than this. This caliper is so poor that even if someone only needed a caliper for a single use I wouldn’t recommend this to them.

I wasn’t expecting a very high quality caliper in the first place and I intended to keep this as a backup but after my horrible experience with this caliper I had no choice but to ask for a refund.

Reviewed by Jeffery MIndel.

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