Ten Insize Vernier Caliper Both Digital & Analogue

insize-vernier-caliperInsize is a manufacturer and seller of a wide range of measurement tools and instruments. Their portfolio consists of all kinds of precision measurement instruments including vernier calipers, micrometer screw gauges, roughness testers, and many kinds of gauges. They provide international standard tools with full guarantee and after sales support. Their high end product range known as Insize Plus is manufactured in Germany, UK and Italy while the standard quality is manufactured in Asia. In this article we will list ten of the vernier calipers from insize along with their specifications.

Left Hand Digital Caliper:

This unique caliper is a sign that insize cares for its customers needs. With most of the worlds population right handed, most products are designed keeping their convenience in mind and sometimes the left handers can feel left out. To prevent this, insize offers this left digital caliper designed for left handers offered in 6 and 12 inches with all the features you can expect from a decent digital caliper.

High Precision Digital Caliper:

This stainless steel digital vernier caliper is designed to provide high accuracy of +- 0.02mm. It incorporates an absolute measuring system which makes it possible to set the zero anywhere. I t features an automatic on/off system and comes in 6, 8 and 12 inch sizes.

Digital Caliper For Large Measurements:

This range of calipers is designed to take larger measurements than other models. It comes in lengths of 300mm to 3000mm which is about the longest length calipers you are likely to find on the market. The jaws feature a nib design for easy internal and external measurements and can display readings in both imperial and metric units.

Caliper With Carbide Tipped Jaws:

These insize vernier calipers feature carbide tipped jaws which provide extra toughness and durability to allow the caliper to be used in rough conditions. These calipers are sturdy and designed to last for a long time. They are available in sizes up to 300 mm and are made from stainless steel.

Mini Vernier Caliper:

The mini vernier caliper from insize is designed for use on the go while still providing high accuracy and durability. The caliper is made from stainless steel and can measure up to 70 mm. It is designed according to the DIN 862 standards.

No Parallax Vernier Caliper:

This vernier caliper is designed specially to eliminate the most common form of error while taking measurements from a vernier caliper. Designed according to DIN 862 standards, it contains a satin plated chrome reading surface.

1205 Vernier Caliper:

The Insize 1205 series of vernier calipers are traditional style calipers manufactured from stainless steel. They come in various sizes from 150 mm to 300 mm with some variants graduated in both imperial and metric units. There are two types to choose from, one with 0.05 mm or 1/128 inch and the other with 0.02 mm or 0.001 inch resolution.

Solid Type Vernier Caliper:

The insize solid type vernier calipers are designed for a wide range of measurements up to 1000mm and equivalent inches. They feature special jaws which are nib styled at the bottom but also have upper jaws for inner measurements. The caliper is constructed from stainless steel.

Insize 1214 Caliper:

The Insize 1214 series of vernier calipers are traditional calipers designed for people who want durability and precision in rough conditions where digital calipers may not survive. These calipers are available in lengths up to 2000 mm or 80 inches. With accuracies up to 0.005mm and fine adjustment screws for better reliability.

Insize 1210 Solid Type:

The Insize 1210 Solid type caliper is similar to the previous solid type caliper except for the fact that it features a more standard set of upper and lower jaws. It also features a fine adjustment tool and comes in lengths of 600 and 1000 mm.

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