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vernier_caliper laptopEssentra Components

Essentra Components is an American manufacturer and supplier of a large variety of tools and engineering equipment. The company was formed by the joint venture of Alliance, Reid Supply and Richco Inc, which has given it the advantage of an already established network of manufacturing sites and a large distribution network across USA and other countries. The company offers a wide selection of products from fasteners, clamps and adhesive tapes to precision instruments. They have a large collection of vernier calipers of variable price ranges and features including calipers from other reputed manufacturers like Mitutoyo and Starrett.


Zoro is an online supplier of industrial goods ranging from simple hand tools like screw drivers and hammers to electrical components and generators to automobile parts and hydraulic equipment. Zoro has been operating since 2011 in Canada and caters to all kinds of customers be it an individual or an industry. They offer their whole range on their e store which has a simple and efficient layout for browsing through their range of products and placing orders quickly. They offer calipers of all kinds and use from cheap general ones for daily or casual use to advanced digital calipers from renowned manufacturers like Mitutoyo, Bel-Art and Starrett.  They also provide quick delivery and are open 24 hours.


Ebay is one of the most popular online shopping destinations across the world with buyers in 190 countries and products available from more than 20 million sellers. Founded in 1995, ebay has grown into one of the top 10 retail brands in the World and anything from consumer electronics to clothing and accessories is available on the site. Vernier Calipers and similar precision instruments are also available from various suppliers and sellers. Even used instruments can also be bought if someone doesn’t want to spend too much money on a new product. The products themselves can be from renowned manufacturers or unknown generic items with low prices so one does need to look carefully before buying.

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Enco is a dedicated hardware supplier based in Nevada USA since 1940. Thanks to a large inventory with more than 80000 products available, Enco boasts a short delivery time across the United States. Enco provides a large variety of machinery and tools including abrasives, cutting tools, fasteners, electric supplies, raw materials and even industrial machinery such as milling machines. All the products can be viewed in the company’s catalog and this makes it a popular stop for all the needs of industrial or home workers. In addition Enco boasts of the lowest prices on the market and offer to beat the prices of any other retailer by atleast 5% if any of their products is found to be cheaper than Enco.


One of the largest retail companies in the world, Wlamart operates on the philosophy of putting consumer satisfaction and low prices ahead of everything and that has made them into a global giant. Founded in 1962 in Arkansas USA, Walmart today operates in 28 countries and offers a large range of products including groceries, clothing and tools. With most of the focus on consumer goods, tools and hardware including precision vernier calipers are listed in the home improvement category. The variety of calipers is good though with products from a range of manufacturers such as Fowler and General Tools as well as cheaper imported items available.

Industrial & Scientific Market of Vernier Caliper on Amazon

Amazon is a globally renowned e commerce company as well as a cloud service provider. Initially just an online book store, Amazon quickly expanded to include all kinds of products such as grocery, electronics, household supplies and hardware. With a neatly catalogued website, it becomes easy to find your desired products and compare prices. Located in the Industrial and scientific category is a whole range of products including vernier and digital calipers, depth gauges, micrometers and all kinds of tools. The vernier calipers available in this category are generally of a high quality from reputed companies like Mitutoyo, Starrett , Fowler, General Tools etc. which means people looking for high precision instruments do not have to sift through lists of cheap items to find what they are looking for.

Tools & Home Improvement Market of Vernier Caliper on Amazon

Amazon includes a category named Tools and Home Improvement which contains all kinds of household hardware, electronic equipment, power tools, safety systems, storage units and also measuring tools like vernier calipers. This market is aimed for people who require products to fulfil their daily requirements and thus it offers a mix of vernier calipers which includes low priced imported ones, mid range calipers from companies like Nippon, iGaging and General Tools and also the high end products form Starrett, Mitutoyo etc. Reviews from previous buyers are also available for many products which provides useful information for first time buyers and competitive pricing also make Amazon a good place to buy vernier calipers.

MSC Industrial Supply Co.

MSC industrial Supply Company is a large scale supplier of metalworking, maintenance and repair products and equipment. The company offers more than a million products through its online store which includes abrasives, fasteners, hand tools, hoses, tubes, cutting tools etc. The company offers high precision vernier calipers of all types from reputed manufacturers like Fowler, Mitutoyo, Starrett etc as well as imported calipers which are also of high quality. Apart from this the company also provides unique services like inventory management, cost and process management and metalworking inspection and quality control which reflects their 70 year experience in the business. This makes MSC a very attractive destination for small and large scale industries to take care of their consultation and supply needs in a convenient manner.

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Similar to some of the other hardware suppliers, MaxTools is a company based in Ontario Canada which offers all kinds of hardware equipment, tools, generators and many other products. They also offer consumer electronics and even motors for boats. A few well known companies like Honda, Makita and DeWalt’s products are featured although as far as Vernier calipers are concerned the variety seemed to lack a lot of big names which are available elsewhere and most of the calipers on sale were from Carrera Precision. However Max Tools provides free delivery even for low cost items and also feature some good discounts.


DHgate is a versatile online portal where you can buy all kinds of things from clothing and apparel, home accessories, automobile parts, elaectronic gadgets etc. DHgate provides items on wholesale prices direct from suppliers and manufacturers. With their roots in China, the industrial hub of the world, many products are available direct from factories in China. Vernier Calipers are included in all this with a wide variety on offer. However there aren’t many models available from the well known manufacturers so it may not be the best place if you are looking for the high end stuff, although prices are attractive with frequent discounts and the option of shipping across the globe makes DHgate a viable place to shop for vernier calipers.

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