Top Ten Brands, Suppliers & Manufacturers of Vernier Calipers

Mitutoyo logoMitutoyo is a trusted and old name in the world of measuring instruments with a long history of producing some of the finest precision instruments available. Mitutoyo Corporation came into being in Kawasaki Japan way back in 1934. Their main objective was to produce high quality micrometers which could be afforded by industries all over.

After perfecting this idea they turned their attention to other instruments including vernier calipers and expanded into a global name. Mitutoyo Corporation is known to incorporate the latest technology in their tools and are considered one of the frontrunners in global metrology instrument manufacturers.

iGaging logo

iGaging is a North American brand of measuring instrument manufacturers. A subsidiary of International Precision Instruments Corporation, iGaging was established in 1999 and has since then set about its work with the goal of producing measuring tools that provide high accuracy but offer good value for money. They have a wide range of products from vernier calipers to depth gauges and angle cubes.

Although not the leaders of the market, they have managed to carve a reputation as a reliable brand for people who are looking for durability but cannot afford an ultra high precision instrument. Their products like the EZ Cal digital calipers provide ease of use and convenient features and are quite popular.

fowler logo

Established in 1946 in Newton Masachussets, USA, Fowler is a name that has become synonymous with high precision tools of the greatest quality not only in North America but all over the world. Fowlers products include a large variety of instruments such as bore gages, height gages, microscopes and calipers.

Over the years Fowler High Precision has developed partnerships with other leading manufacturers across the world to create dynamic products which provide cutting edge technology and user friendliness. The Fowler/Sylvac electronics system is highly regarded among vernier caliper users and provides higher accuracy and longer battery life while providing easy interfacing between instruments and computers.


Neiko is a brand name that most shoppers come across when searching for calipers, hand tools or related equipment on the internet. Neiko offers a wide range of tools including wrenches, sockets, saws, grinders, Vernier calipers and even air compressors and air hoses. Neiko is popular in the low end of the market being a relative new comer compared to other names such as Mitutoyo or iGaging.

However the quality of their tools has also been inconsistent in some cases and users have complained about the accuracy of their calipers. This may also be due to the unknown origin of their manufacturer which is based in Taiwan and is largely sold through importers worldwide.

ml tools logo

ML Tools is a well known supplier and distributor of a wide range of tools and equipments from basic tools like pliers, saws and socket wrenches to automotive tools and precision measuring instruments like vernier and digital calipers. Although they aren’t manufacturers, they do sell equipment under their own brand name and their digital calipers have received a good reception among the casual market.

While not the most technologically advanced, they do offer nice functionality and decent quality at prices which are very attractive to those who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars for calipers.

capri tools logo

Capri Tools are distributors, producers and importers of tools ranging from high precision measuring instruments, automobile repairing tools to common workshop tools and lights. Based in the United States, they have a wide market for their products and have found popularity among the mid range market segment and their platinum range of digital calipers have received good reviews.

Their products come with a warranty ranging from 1 to 10 years and are generally durable and functional although their have been occasional complaints regarding the finishing of some products.

starret logo

One of the pioneers in high quality precision tools manufacturing, Starrett has been a leading name in the industry since its inception 130 years ago in 1880. Their portfolio includes more than 5000 different types of instruments including highly accurate measuring instruments like micrometers and vernier calipers, electronic gages and levels. They are also specialists in saw blade manufacturing.

Starrett holds its position due to its emphasis on quality and consumer support. All their tools are calibrated carefully and are according to the standards set by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. Apart from that they offer full repair and maintenance support for their products to ensure a maximum life of the product.

sylac logo

Swiss companies are often attributed with a high level of quality, expertise and attention to detail in their products. Sylvac is a company which is a part of that trend and has established it over the past 45 years in the field of high precision measurement instruments and tools. Their products offer an integrated mix of excellent mechanical precision and state of the art electronics.

Their digital instruments come equipped with their own data collection softwares which are also used in many other companies instruments. Sylvac leads the metrology industry due to its proficiency in innovation and despite being a reltively small scale company, it still has a global outreach through a wide network of distributors and partners.

flexbar logo

Flexbar is a company based in the United States which both manufactures and sells a wide range of measurement, inspection and machine tool accessories related to a large variety of industrial applications. Flexbar incorporates high quality building materials and modern features in their instruments such as water proofing in their gauges and calipers.

As a steadily growing company they offer products from different renowned manufacturers as well and offer products in a variety of price groups according to the needs of their customers. Apart from measuring instruments they also provide various inspection apparatus like gage blocks, inspection balls and thread gages.

General Tools and Instruments logo

General Tools and Instruments is another household name in the United States where it began its journey to become one of the worlds leading instruments manufacturers way back in 1922. Starting out as a general hardware supplier the company soon began to design its own products thanks to the creativity of its founder Abe Rosenberg.

Since then their portfolio has expanded to include high precision metrology instruments as well as a large variety of related products such as air flow meters, HVAC equipment and even clocks and stopwatches. Despite their wide portfolio, General Tools has kept up with the latest technologies and incorporated them into their products like digital vernier calipers, video boroscopes and even thermal imaging equipment.

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