Various Types of Calipers Used for Measuring Objects

Types Of Calipers: Calipers are specialized measurement tools which are used to measure distance, depth, step and thickness etc. Generally, calipers can measure the inner span of cylinders and the width of brake drums and rotors. Mentioned below are some common characteristics about the different types of calipers.

Dial Calipers:

Dial Calipers possess a dial that display the measurement with a pointer indicator. The obtained measurement is eventually accumulated with the obtained reading mentioned on the scale passing down the beam of the caliper. Dial calipers are specifically employed to undertake outer measurements, inner measurements, step measurements and deepness measurements.

Dial calipers have a mechanical structure comprising of rack and pinion mechanism system. To examine, the most noteworthy value is analyzed from the rule and the partial reading from the dial. The good feature concerning dial calipers is that they don’t need batteries to run. Even though dial calipers are not water-resistant but they even work good even if weather is humid.

dial caliper image

Vernier Calipers:

Vernier Calipers possess two scales that are attached along the upper and lower side of the caliper and manifest both metric and imperial measurements. The vernier caliper is mainly utilized for precision measuring equipment. They can be used to measure inside, outside, or depth measurements, which makes them resourceful tool. The vernier caliper is utilized in distance end to end measurements to get enhanced accuracy as related to a plain ruler.

Vernier Calipers are functionally able of measuring outer and inner diameters and furthermore Vernier caliper can measure depth as well. Most of Vernier Calipers can measure up to 6 inches or 300 mm, however small and large Vernier Calipers are also available which can measure all the required ranges.

How To Measure The Length of Cylinder Using a Vernier Caliper?

Digital Or Electronic Calipers:

Digital calipers are the most advanced instruments which can give very accurate measurements. As an alternative of rack and pinion mechanism technique, an inside microprocessor computes the location of the jaws and displays the reading in a little display window. Digital or electronic calipers are enormously inexpensive and precise measuring tools. Taking reading of objects in these types of calipers are easy as compare to manual vernier caliper.

Digital calipers normally contain a resolution of 10 µm with a precision of 30 to 40 µm.

Digital calipers are very cheap and have varying prices as low as $15 each. Digital Calipers contain an LCD which shows reading of an object. Some calipers can also be connected to computer/laptops.

digital caliper photo

Jenny Calipers:

Jenny calipers are sometime known as, oddleg jennys, odd leg calipers or hermaphrodite calipers. Jenny calipers are normally used to draw a line a set remoteness from the border of a work piece but are also helpful for positioning the centre point of a work piece. Jenny calipers are used for measurement of parts which are made of glass, hard plastics and metals. The curved leg shows to carry along the work piece border even as the scriber marks at a specific distance.

Spring Joint Calipers:

Spring joint calipers is made of dual legs a spring and a regulating nut. The spring joint calipers possess legs pined on a roller and the legs are pressured by way of a tough bow spring. The tuning for measuring is undertaken by moving and closing the legs by way of regulating nut.

The room flanked by the legs can be changed by rotating the screw and nut. Spring Joint Calipers can also take inner or outer measurements as there are two kind of spring joint calipers namely outside calipers and inside calipers.

Spring joint calipers range: From 75mm or 3 inches to 300mm or 12 inches.

These type of calipers were used frequently in past but in present era usage of Spring joint calipers have become less.

Joint Calipers


Micrometer is a tool which is used to find very accurate measurements and it is available in imperial and metric versions. Micrometer can measure 1000th part of millimeter. Micrometers are widely utilized in mechanical engineering for specifically measuring the width or thickness of blocks, outer and inner diameters of shafts and depths or deepness of slots.

Micrometers are better in measuring as compare to Vernier caliper as it measures in microns. Where accuracy is required, micrometers must be utilized to avoid any margin of error. The micrometer is utilized by industrial users to measure the dimension of a part or section. Micrometer is also available in digital version.

Metric micrometers measure in 0.01mm shortest distances and imperial versions in 0.001 inches.

electronic micrometer

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