Vernier Caliper: 5 Fields Are Using It Interestingly

Vernier Calipers is the best instrument for measuring anything precisely and accurately as it can measure up to one hundredth of a millimeter. It is because of this accuracy that it is used in different fields.

It consists of internal & external Jaw, imperial & metric scales, a locking screw and a depth measurement prong. The 5 most common fields where vernier caliper is used are:

Educational Institutes

To train student vernier caliper is used from early educational institutes such as schools and intermediate colleges through which student get knowledge about measuring objects of different size and shapes. This is something which is common among all schools, especially for students taking physics classes & labs.

Scientific Lab

Vernier caliper is widely used in scientific laboratories because of its precise measurement results. Such as if they are researching the result of pressure on a particular shape they will have to use vernier caliper, similarly if they are working on the effect of temperature on a particular object they will have to use vernier caliper. Visit any school or college lab and you will easily found some pieces of vernier caliper.

Steel Sector

In steel sector vernier caliper is used for acute measurement of steel object. Before producing a particular object or steel sheet the perfect dimensions are required during which vernier caliper comes to help. In such industry even a 100th of millimeter can cause serious problems.

Medical Sector

You may think what is the need of vernier caliper in medical field but the truth is it is very important in medical fields because each medical instrument is required to be perfect. During the production & use of these products vernier caliper comes to help.

Aerospace Sector

Aerospace is among those sectors that require perfect precision and it is where vernier caliper comes for help. As small precision are of great importance in aerospace industry the use of vernier caliper or related equipment also becomes important.

If you ponder you will know that any industry and field which requires perfection and accuration in measurement will require the use of Vernier caliper. This is why it has been in used from centuries in different form. The current form which is widely used is the creation of French mathematician Pierre Vernier, this is why it is called vernier caliper.

If you want to purchase vernier caliper which works accurately then you should go for renowned brands such as Baker, Incise, Mitutoyo, Inder, Precise & Yamaya.

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