Vernier Caliper Common Advantages & Disadvantages for Users

vernier-calipers photoVernier Calipers are precision measuring instruments with a higher accuracy level. It is one of the best caliper to measure least count of any object. However there are certain number of advantages and disadvantages about these instruments which are discussed below. Vernier Caliper is very important tool in manufacturing industry and has lot of benefits.

Vernier Caliper Advantages

Following are the advantages

Precision and Accuracy:

Precision & accuracy are two hall marks of Vernier calipers, this instrument has robust tendency to give precise and accurate measurements of various dimensions.

Twin Scales:

Main or primary scale and Vernier or secondary scale are constructed together into the measuring equipment, an additional measuring gadget like a ruler or tape measure is not needed.

Adaptability for Measurements:

Vernier calipers can be used for variety of applications. It can measure inner, outer, steps and depth dimensions of any geometrical objects.


Majority of manufacturers make Vernier calipers by using pure stainless steel to give strength and durability. As we know stainless steel have a higher strength & corrosion protection and hence by following standard manufacturing processes, Vernier Calipers can sustain for a life time.


Vernier calipers are very common, there are many suppliers available in the market. Therefore the prices are very competitive now and these are readily available in cheap prices as well.

Vernier Caliper Disadvantages:

Following are the disadvantages

Good Vision Is Needed:

As quite evident, the Vernier scale of a Vernier caliper is significantly small component. With improper vision or improper angle of vision it is quite difficult to properly read or identify measurements. To avoid such mistakes normally Good vision or a right light with magnifying glass would be recommended while taking readings.

Learning A Vernier Caliper:

All of us know that the Vernier scale is a specialized precision measuring tool; user should make an effort to learn how to read from a Vernier caliper before going to take measurements.

Prospect Of Errors:

While acquiring several numbers of measurements, user might end up committing error. To avoid this prospect of errors extra attentiveness is needed.

Availability Of Alternates:

Digital calipers are best alternate to Vernier calipers that can yield more accurate values with no prospect of errors as in manual Vernier Calipers.

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