Vernier Caliper Definition in Physics & Names in Languages

The Vernier Caliper is a tool for measuring distances much more precisely than a normal scale. It’s main purpose is to provide accurate measurements of internal and external diameters of objects.

Vernier caliper definition in Physics

A Vernier caliper is a precision measuring instrument which consists of an L-shaped frame with a linear scale on it, attached to another L-shaped frame with a secondary or vernier scale which helps to determine the precise value of a measurement. The accuracy of vernier calipers is commonly up to 0.01 mm or 0.001 inches.

Vernier caliper definition in English

The Vernier Caliper used to be known as a Nonius till the 18th century in honor of the Portuguese inventor who first used it but later it became famous as the Vernier caliper after the French mathematician Pierre Vernier.

The Vernier Caliper is described as a tool for measuring lengths, internal and external diameters of objects more accurately than a normal scale or ruler and can tell the value between the two graduations of a ruler.

Vernier caliper definition in Urdu:

Vernier Caliper is similarly defined in Urdu and is  written as:

vernier caliper urdu

Vernier Caliper Definition in Hindi:

In Hindi Vernier Caliper is written as:

vc hindi

Zero error in Vernier caliper definition:

Zero Errors are conditions when a vernier caliper shows a reading when it should be zero. This happens when the two scales of the caliper become misaligned and do not coincide when the jaws are fully closed. Zero errors can be either positive or negative meaning that the zero mark on the vernier scale can be either be ahead of the main scale zero (positive) or behind the main scale zero (negative).

Digital Vernier caliper definition:

Digital Vernier Calipers are the modern form of vernier calipers in which  the vernier scale is replaced with a capacitive linear encoder which measures distance by measuring the change in capacitance of the encoder. The reading is then shown on the LCD display attached on the scale. Measurement is automatic and easy with a digital caliper.

Simple Vernier caliper definition:

A simple vernier caliper consists of two graduated scales one of which can slide above the other. The sliding scale is known as the vernier scale while the large scale is the main scale. The scales are graduated in both imperial and metric units in most cases. The vernier scale is responsible for providing the fractional value of the main scale reading.

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