Vernier Caliper Parts Names & Possible Replacements

The Vernier caliper is a measuring instrument. The instrument consists of various parts and it is a good idea to be acquainted with these parts and their possible replacements so that the measuring device can be used to perfection.

  1. Vernier caliper jaws are used to take the inside measurements of an object, such as the diameter of a hole or a slot.
  2. Vernier caliper lower jaws are used to measure the outside diameter of an object such as, width, length and diameter.
  3. Vernier caliper depth rod is running along the beam of the caliper. This is graduated in centimeters and millimeters on the metric scale, while on the imperial scale, the min scale in graduated in inches.
  4. Vernier scale: this scale is further divided in small divisions to add more accuracy to the readings. The metric Vernier scale is further divided into 50 equal parts. The measuring range of the Vernier scale is up to 1mm, while each increment represents 0.02mm. The Vernier scale uses a 0.6 inch long scale on the imperial caliper with a main scale of 6 inches. This scale is divided into 25 parts with each increment representing 0.001 inch.
  5. Vernier caliper thumb screw: the measuring faces are adjusted precisely as required through the help of the thumb screw. The user is able to get a tight grip on the object.
  6. Vernier caliper lock screw: the jaws are secured into a correct position with the help of the lock screws. The readings can be taken easily even after removing the object from within te jaws of the Vernier caliper.
  7. Depth probe: this part is used to take the depth measurements.

The rail enables the sliding motion of the Vernier scale on the main scale, while the fixed jaw wil remain in its place so that the reader can note down the exact measurements. The caliper is adjusted by moving the instrument’s jaws back and forth. The measurement is read from the left of the Vernier scale.

The scale is marked either in inches or in centimeters. The sliding jaw and the depth probe are linked to the Vernier scale, which means that they will only move along the Vernier scale. The front end of the rail is used to take down the readings.

The companies are offering the following spare parts for the Vernier calipers:

  • Dust cap.
  • Lifting lever.
  • Slider clamp.
  • Stopper screw.
  • Key screw.
  • Cover cell.
  • Clamp lever.
  • M3 Hexagonal Nut.
  • Battery lid assembly.
  • Cover cell screw.
  • Spring
  • Battery cap seal.
  • Washer
  • Slider gib.
  • Screw
  • Set screw.
  • Battery Lid for the Series 293, 422, 389, 369, 350, 343, 343, 340, 331, 329, 326, 323, 317 and 314 Micrometers, supplied with seal.
  • Battery cover for Series 500 Digimatic Calipers including newer models of 500-171U and 500-172U. Also for Series 536 and 573 Special Purpose calipers, Series 571 Digimatic Depth Gauge and 572 Digimatic Scale Units.
  • Battery Cover for the 500-133U Caliper.
  • Battery Cap for Series 543 Digimatic Indicators and Series 547 Digimatic Thickness Gauges except models 543-552E and 543-554E.
  • Flat Back.
  • Battery Cover for Series 550 Heavy Duty Digimatic Calipers, Series 500 Digimatic Calipers, Range 450mm/18″ and 600mm/24″.
  • Spanner for Series 101 Micrometers, Series 389 Digimatic Sheet Material Micrometers, 339 Digimatic Tube Micrometer.

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