Vernier Caliper Price Ranges for Different Types

The Vernier Caliper market has expanded exponentially just like all other products thanks to the power of globalization in the previous decades. Now a person has access to numerous brands and manufacturers all offering something different in terms of quality, features and design. Though this is a very positive thing, it can also prove to be confusing for the buyers to decide which product is suitable for their purpose and what price is right. In the modern day of online shopping it can also be easy to get fooled by a product which looks good in pictures but turns out to be quite different in reality.

So to make a good purchase it is vital to be informed about the types of vernier calipers available in the market and their price ranges so you know if a caliper is good value for money.

Price Ranges of High Ranging Industrial Vernier Calipers

This category of vernier calipers offer the best quality money can buy. These vernier calipers are designed with the best quality materials and provide the smoothest user experience with a range of features that make sure that the readings are very accurate. Such high end vernier calipers are manufactured by some of the best companies who have been in the business for a long time. These include names like Mitutoyo, Starrett, Fowler and Flexbar.

The calipers feature light weight and sturdy materials like carbon fibre, stainless steel alloys and titanium to ensure the caliper lasts for a long time without corroding or taking mechanical damage like scratches etc. Other common features you can expect are computer software support to instantly upload and analyse readings, purpose built jaws to reach tight places and long lasting batteries which can power the units for many years. However the prices can be pretty steep with 100 mm calipers costing around 1000 $ and larger 800mm calipers can reach up to 6 or 7000 $.

Although it looks very tempting, these calipers are meant for very demanding measurements where even the slightest inaccuracy is intolerable such as in industrial manufacturing, metrology etc. So if you are a casual user this range of vernier calipers wont make sense to be spending so much money on.

Price Ranges Common Purpose Digital & Analogue Vernier Calipers

The best caliper is the one which costs the least money and gets the job done. This is the rule which applies for any other product as well. Thankfully though, there is a large number of manufacturers who are offering vernier calipers at reasonable prices for people who use calipers for common purposes such as workshops, woodwork and handicrafts. A lot of small industries and educational institutes may also require vernier calipers in a large quantity so spending 1000$ on a high end caliper may not be an option.

Common Purpose calipers are available readily in the market. There are some well known companies like Fowler and Mitutoyo which offer products for the low end market at prices ranging around 50$ for a 200mm vernier caliper. These calipers include digital calipers and are a good option for daily use since they have good build quality. Another option may be to buy of the several supplier brands that are available. These are calipers which are usually made in china and are imported and rebranded by the suppliers.

The prices are very attractive going as low as 15$ but the buyer should try to get feedback about the product first since there may be a difference in the claims of the seller and the actual product. These type of vernier calipers are good for getting the job done however and if you research well you may end up with a really nice bargain.

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