Vernier Caliper Used By Car Mechanics

Vernier Caliper is considered one of the most precise measurement tool which is used from scientific laboratories to the car mechanics shops because of its accuracy.

It’s because of this importance that almost in every engineering university or diploma institute students have to learn the practical use of vernier caliper.

Car Mechanics also require to use vernier caliper when they are repairing a car and have to change a part for which the need it’s measurement. In today’s advanced automobiles all parts are requirement to precisely of the same size as original.

By using Vernier Caliper the mechanic can measure the inside dimensions, outside dimensions and depths of small parts of the vehicle.

Vernier caliper is designed in such as way that it’s upper set of jaws can be used to measure inside dimensions such as inside diameter of a piece of metal. The lower set of jaws can be used to measure the outer diameter while the depth probe in the rear can be used to measure depth.

There are many common mistakes which people do while using vernier caliper, that is why newer tools were manufactured such as dial calipers which come with a digital screen.

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