Vernier Caliper’s Application in Different Industrial Sectors

Vernier Caliper is a high precision measuring scale which provides the readings with very high accuracy of a circular object and of a straight object as well. Mostly used in scientific labs of the Engineering Schools of different Industrial set ups where an accurate and precise measurement is needed. It is a requirement to keep the Vernier caliper in the room and not to displace it to avoid the errors while measuring an object.

Vernier caliper is a very useful and handy tool which helps the wood worker to shape the object with precise accuracy and care. It is must to mention here that the Vernier Caliper comes in multiple types like the classical Vernier caliper, a digital caliper, dial caliper and a micrometer. Let us have a look at Vernier Caliper’s use in different industries.Vernier Calipers are both for common consumers and are also made for specialized industries. Read about some high quality industrial Vernier Calipers here

vernier caliper box
Steel Sector: The Vernier caliper helps in accurate measurement in the steel Industry as well where the Inside dimension of an object made of steel needs to be measured or measuring accurately thickness of the desired object which can be in different shapes as in the Industry a lot of objects in different shapes are manufactured. The tool also is handy in measuring the depth of the hole in a desired object which is made of steel or metal. It is equally useful while measuring the diameter of different cylindrical objects like a steel pipe which is available in different diameters. The accurate measuring is dependent on the skill of the operator and micro meter is used of precise measurements of internal dimensions.

steel pipe
Automobile Sector:
The Vernier caliper also has different uses in the automobile sector where a dial caliper (a type of basic Vernier caliper) is used which has a range of 0 – 6 inches, although it is not as accurate as a micrometer which provides the measurements with high accuracy. A dial caliper is used for measuring inside dimensions along with the outer dimension. Like the diameter of crankshaft is measured, the diameter of bore of the cylinder, height of the spring installed.

diameter vernier caliperMedical Industry: Similarly surgical instrument’s industry also has uses of Vernier caliper, where dimensions of instruments with different aspects are needed to be measured with high precision. Each instrument being highly sensitive to minute disruptions, even small changes can result in havoc especially for the instruments which require extreme care as such objects have to work in very limited space and sensitive parts. One simple example is the Forceps the distance in between its two sides.


Scientific Labs: The Vernier caliper is used for multiple reasons in the scientific labs for studying the effects of different temperatures on expansion of different types of metals as an example. Other uses include precise measurement of certain objects which is a must to further carry on the required work like joining two pieces of some object with high level of precision.

The Vernier caliper is equally capable of measuring the regular and irregular shaped objects from inside as well as outside. Its especially useful when measurements have to be taken under specific conditions of objects the conditions are real world and sometimes are simulated in the lab for the purpose of experiment. Measuring the expansion of a specific metal from heat for example can provide insight into the properties of metal and basis for further studies of the material itself.

Educational Purpose: The basic use is in the subject of Physics which is studied at the level of School and High School where the students are taught to take measurements of different objects of different shapes along with rectifying the zero error they are mad to learn the right way to measure the objects. Measuring a bob is one of the famous experiments along with other regular shapes. Inside and outside measurements of cylindrical shaped object are also part of the experiments which are conducted in the physics lab by the students.

Aerospace Industry: The aerospace and aviation industry is among the industries which require extreme precision. The slightest of change in any object’s dimension have numerous effects not on the concerned object but all other connected objects as well. Micro meter which offers high precision is used measurements of small objects or other objects which require high level precision. The digital caliper and the dial caliper is also used depending on the work under focus. For example students are taught how to measure basic dimension using Vernier caliper like diameter, volume of cylinder and sphere.

These calipers are also used in variety of other industries where Depth, Step, Inside & Outside Measurements of Object are required. Same geometric features of any part can be measured in any industry.

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