Vernier Caliper’s Repair & Maintenance Activities to Avoid Errors

Vernier Caliper Maintenance: Proper use of Vernier Caliper is the prime and most significant prerequisite to make sure quality of the product. To maintain the functionality and consistency of a Vernier caliper, scheduled maintenance and supplementary care should be made regularly.Complete calibration techniques & standard procedure of Vernier Caliper can be seen here

Step by step approach is discussed in order to understand the precautionary measures that should be kept in mind while possessing Vernier caliper.There should be a proper allocated space to keep Vernier Calipers safe and easily accessible. If one is using various Vernier Calipers then 5S can be implemented as shown in the below image. 

Vernier Caliper 5S Stand
Vernier Caliper Stand

Following are the maintenance steps which must be followed to keep Vernier caliper from malfunctioning:

Remove Any Dust or Dirt:

Clean the Vernier caliper & the surfaces of items opted to be measured. Vernier caliper should be maintained and cleaned in order to prevent the errors of measurement due to dust or dirt. Experts do not recommend employing Vernier Calipers on polluted items or rough objects. This is because of the reason that it will read incorrect measurements that can result in manufacturing losses.

Don’t Use Vernier Caliper with Any Other Tool:

Never place Vernier Caliper together with other heavy instruments for example hammers, drills, cutting tools & files etc. These instruments can strike each other and result in an accident. 

It is also instructed not to put Vernier calipers on lathe machine. Because when the lathe machine is in operative condition it can result in accidents. Vernier calipers can fall from lathe machine or the jaws of it can rupture, break or apart due to pulsation of lathe machine.

Use Vernier Caliper For It Specific Function:

Utilize instrument for its particular function i.e. measurements. Vernier Caliper must not be utilized as alternative for other instruments. It is also not sensible to utilize Vernier caliper as hammer, foot scale etc. It is also ridiculous to use it inappropriately for fun & to consider Vernier Caliper as toy, for instance tossing a Vernier Caliper. Such irresponsible actions will destroy performance of Vernier Caliper.

Keep Away From Unfavorable Temperature:

Temperature might have a considerable effect on the measurement results. Objects must be measured keeping the circumstances in mind that the overall temperature should be approximately 20 °C (68 °F). In the essence, temperature range must be assumed because at higher temperature, the material of Vernier Calipers can expand & there can be a difference of readings in few micrometers.

The recommended room temperature which should be around 20 degree Centigrade but the object and the Vernier Caliper must have the same temperature.
If not, the outcome of measurements may not be precise because of the different expansions of different materials of object & measuring instrument due to temperature modification.

Vernier Caliper might influence due to the changes in temperature. Vernier Caliper must not be placed under extended sunlight due to which measurements can be affected due to thermal expansion. Do not place Vernier Caliper close to high temperature regions like furnace, heat transmitter and electrical cooker due to the thermal expansion.

Know Your Location While Taking Measurement:

While carrying out Vernier Caliper maintenance it must not be placed close to magnetic region like magnetic bench in order to keep away from getting magnetized

Don’t Repair It Yourself:

While getting to know various irregular measuring errors of Vernier Caliper like uneven face, corrosion, bend of the object or useless actions. Handle of Vernier Caliper must not be permitted to repair it by oneself, never use hammer or any other material to repair it. User must refer the error of Vernier Caliper to the standard workshop Repairers or Calibrators to handle properly mend the fault in it.

Clean The Vernier Caliper After Every Use:

Users must make it dirt free or any other pollutant after utilizing it. Vernier caliper consist of stainless steel or covered by defensive metals must be covered with rust free lubricant. Place it in a particular container and place it in dehydrated places to stop it from getting rusted.

cleaning vernier caliper

Regular Protection Maintenance Of Vernier Caliper:

Regular repairs must be functionalized in order to keep Vernier Caliper operational. Old Vernier calipers must be delivering to authorized center for calibration regularly for correctness and test it functionality to keep away from quality issues originated by absurd reading mistakes of the Vernier caliper.

Digital Vernier Caliper Repairs

Digital Vernier Calipers hardly ever contain such problems as in conventional Vernier Calipers. The small number of issues that user might come across result from exhausted batteries or may due to improper battery interaction or due to the following reasons:

Permanent Digits:

It occurs due to the involuntary problem in circuit which appears in error display of specific numbers or unrelated symbols or signs in the digital screen. Bring out the battery and place it back in to Vernier caliper within 30 seconds. After few attempts it will work properly and the error is resolved.

Blinking Digits:

Blinking digit can occur due to short electric power. In order to solve it you must take out the batteries as early as you can. Install fresh batteries to get the Vernier Calipers functioning properly. 

electronic vernier caliper

Error In Number Display:

This happens due to its unsteady show. This occurs due to the damp shielding sticker. In order to get it resolved, user is advised to follow procedures that was discussed in previous point.

Limited Or Zero Display:

There is no electric voltage due to which this Zero display occur. Bring out the effected batteries and look at state of batteries placement. If batteries emerge in contaminants or with other impurities it is then advised to decontaminate the batteries connection till batteries are clearly flawless. Put batteries back in to the digital Vernier Caliper. After doing this, it should display properly.

Normal Repairs:

The technique of fixing is only being taken when there is no other way to get it fixed. Initially remove the electronic parts and maintenance should be executed by keeping in mind above points. If still the problem persists contact the manufacturer or technical support.

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