Vernier Logger Pro and Lite Benefits For Students

Students of science and math are often faced with a challenge to collect and analyze data. Infact, data collection and analysis is an integral part of their subject. The speedy development of technology has turned up as a blessing and has provided students with a vast array of softwares to help them in their studies, while also creating an interesting perspective into their tedious and monotonous studies.

Logger Lite is one such software that has provided convenience in the collection of math and science data. Its interactive features equipped with visuals makes learning an intuitive process for the students.

The Logger Pro Lite negates the traditional method of using descriptive paragraphs to tell students about the experimental observations. Instead it uses graphical representations and visuals to allow students to explore the results themselves.

It also has a prediction tool that allows the student to sketch their prediction before initiating an experiment as well as three styles of meters to allow the students to customize between analog and digital meters, colours and other options.

Main features of Vernier logger Pro and Lite:

  1. The program allows the user to set up easily through its Auto-ID sensors.
  2. It has 80 different sensors and devices for collecting live data.
  3. Before initiating data collection, the user can draw their predictions on graphs.
  4. There are a variety of data-collection methods available on the Logger Lite Pro, such as the time-based data, selected events with typed-in entries, radiation counting, and more.
  5. The data can be manually entered or imported from other Vernier interfaces as well to allow speedy integration. In addition, data can also be extracted from movies through frame-by-frame video analysis. Videos can be captured from DV cameras and web cameras as well.
  6. Calculated columns helps in graphing new values.
  7. Playback movies are synced to sensor data.
  8. It also has a gel electrophoresis analysis.
  9. It is also equipped with an ocean optics spectrometer support, a GPS support and GC peak analysis.
  10. The experiment can be described in detail through graphs, tables and textual descriptions. It as an addition of XY graphs, log graphs, double-Y graphs, strip charts and FFT graphs as well.
  11. Examine and tangent line tools are also provided to help the user read values and slopes.
  12. The data tables and graphs can be easily printed through a user friendly interface.
  13. IB courses can benefit from the manual configuration mode.


The Logger Lite Pro has 12 built-in tutorials that helps the user quickly get acquainted with the program. Its features grant it versatility in integration of data through collection from LabQuest 2, LabQuest Mini, LabPro, WDSS, spectrometers, Ohaus balances, ProScope HR, and more.Over 1000 experiment files supported by their library of lab books provides students examples to refer to.

Its features allow flexibility in designing experiments according to the curriculum.Students are not limited in data collection tools as it allows integration of videos.It is a powerful tool that allows students to predict results.

Accuracy is granted through various analytical tools such as integrals, tangents and curve fits.Over 80 Vernier sensors are supported for real-time graphing and analysis allowing flexibility and diversity for students.

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