Top Ten Popular Vernier Calipers Offered by Starrett

Starrett is a company that has strived to become the worlds finest precision instrument manufacturer ever since its inception in 1880. The Starrett ideology is based on maintaining the highest level of quality in all its products. This holds true to its line of Vernier Calipers as well which include various models designed to provide functionality for all types of users:

1. Starrett 125 MEA Pocket Caliper:

Starrett 125 caliper

The Starrett 125 MEA Vernier Caliper is a handy tool designed for everyday use. The pocket friendly caliper is available in three variants which can measure up to 6, 8 and 12 inches respectively.  The caliper allows measurements in both mm and inches and is made from high quality Stainless steel. The measuring scales contain sharp and clear graduations for increased legibility. The least count of these calipers is 0.02 mm or 0.001 inch while an accuracy up to +- 0.025 mm is guaranteed by Starrett. These calipers are excellent for quick measurements and inspections both in the workplace and on the field and is an ideal tool to carry at all times.

2. Starrett 123Z Master Vernier Caliper:

Starrett 123Z caliper

The aptly named Master Vernier Calipers are among the finest calipers manufactured by Starrett. Featuring a high quality construction and a number of useful features, these calipers are designed to provide convenience and accuracy of the highest order. The calipers are built from hardened steel which has been finished with an anti glare chrome finish to make it easy to read the scale. The scale itself is marked with even spaces with the help of machines. The jaw is of an open face design which allows both inside and outside measurements to be taken from one side of the scale. There is also a screw for fine adjustments and another for locking the scale. They are available in pocket friendly 6 and 8 inch sizes as well as a 12 inch version.

3. Starrett 12 inch Master Caliper:

Starrett 123 Z-12 caliper

The Starrett 123 Z-12 Master Caliper is similar to the 123Z Master calipers but is provided in longer measuring ranges than the previous model. Graduated in inches, the caliper is capable of measuring as low as 0.001” and has larger number of graduations to make it easy to read measurements up to 2 decimal places. The accuracy offered by these calipers is +/- 0.0005” and the jaw is designed to measure both inside and outside measurements without having to turn over the caliper. The construction is of the finest stainless steel with chrome finish and lapped surfaces. An additional feeling of premium quality is provided by the sleek wood case in which the caliper is kept.

4. Starrett 24 inch Master Vernier Caliper:

 Starrett 123Z 24 caliper

Another popular variant of the Master vernier caliper series is the 123Z 24 inch caliper which is useful for measuring a wide range of objects. It is graduated with the help of machines and has long 50 division vernier scales to achieve the maximum accuracy while the anti-glare  chrome finish makes it very easy to read the scales in all kinds of light. The caliper also features divider points on its back which can be used for setting divider calipers and trammels very conveniently. The 123 Z 24 inch caliper has a least count of 0.001” and an accuracy of +/-0.0005” per foot. It comes with its own protective case made from high quality wood.

5. Starrett 72 inch Vernier Caliper:

Starrett 123Z-72-inch vernier caliper

The Starrett 123Z 72 inch Master Caliper is the longest range traditional styled vernier caliper offered by Starrett which is useful for measuring large heavy parts accurately in workshops and industries. The caliper is made from strong hardened steel which can easily resist harsh environmental conditions and rough usage. The surfaces are smoothly finished and easy to read with an anti-glare chrome finish on top. An adjustment screw is provided for fine adjustments while a lock nut is available for holding measurements for convenient reading. The caliper is available in inches graduations of 0.001” and has an accuracy of =/- 0.0005”.

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6. Starrett 123- 6 Caliper:

Starrett 123-6

The Starrett 123-6 vernier caliper is a pocket friendly device which is aimed to provide ease of use and quickness to the user. Coming in a handy 6 inch measuring length, the smooth and highly finished steel surface of the slider and bar allows free movement of the vernier scale while two screw nuts are provided for fine adjustments and for locking the scale in position to steady the measurement. The Caliper features an inch scale only which gives an accuracy of +/- 0.0005” per foot and a least count of 0.001”.

7. Starrett 123 EM 6inch Caliper:

Starrett 123 EM 6

When looking for small size pocket calipers, it doesn’t get better than this form Starrett. The 123 EM pocket caliper is a handy 6 inch tool perfect for taking measurements accurate on the go. The measuring scale offers readings in both inches and millimetres which eliminates the need for confusing conversions and the nib styled jaws make it easy to take both inside and outside measurements without having to flip the caliper while further increasing its compactness. The construction is top quality as you would expect from Starrett with grinded and lapped surfaces, smooth scale movement and easily legible graduations. The accuracy of the caliper is +/- 0.0005” and 0.01mm.

8. Starrett 123EMZ 12 Caliper:

Starrett 123EMZ 12

The Starrett 123EMZ 12 caliper is a premium instrument designed for accurate measurements of up to 12 inches or 300mm. It features graduations in both millimetres and inches with accuracies of =/-0.0005” and =/-0.01mm respectively. It shares most of the features present in the 123EM range of calipers which include machined graduations, anti-glare chrome finishing and jaws designed to take both inside and outside measurements form one end. The caliper is provided in a specially crafted sleek wooden case for protection and to look good while it sits on your work station.

9. Starrett 123M-150 Vernier Caliper:

Starrett 123M-150

While most of the models mentioned so far incorporate the inches measuring system as the primary scale as is understandable for an American company like Starrett, they haven’t ignored the global market’s requirements for millimeter graduated calipers. The Starrett 123M-150 comes in as a millimeter only vernier caliper designed for pocket friendly use with a measuring range of 150 mm. the build quality is top notch as is expected from Starrett, with tight fitted scales which slide easily over each other. Screws for fine adjustments and for locking the scale are provided and the jaws feature an open style for measuring both inside and outside lengths easily.

10. Starrett 123MZ-300 Vernier Caliper:

Starrett 123MZ-300

The Starrett 123 MZ-300 is the longer variant of the 123MZ-150. It has a measuring range of 300mm with a least count of 0.02 mm and an accuracy of +/- 0.01mm. The vernier calipers come with their own specially made smooth finish wood box for that extra feeling of premium quality and to keep the caliper from picking up knocks while not in use. The other features include machined graduations, ground and lapped surfaces and anti-glare chrome finish for easy reading of the scale. A screw for fine adjustment and a locking screw is also provided to make it easy to measure and record readings as accurately as possible.

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