Calipro Digital Caliper – 6″ Bad Experience on Various Defects

caliproHigh Vernier Calipers are normally not used in high scale as compare to cheaper calipers. But what people expect from cheaper calipers is the fact they these should yield proper results and measurements which is their basic function. I also have used high quality caliper made by Japan, Switzerland or Germany that I have been using and experiencing them on a few occasions and could not notice any bigger issue in these. Just like a user reviewed this Digital Caliper 68202 has an issue of poor assembly, I am sharing my experience on Calipro Digital Caliper. 

It seems awkward but the caliper used was true to be in accuracy to 0.02 mm which was unexpected as it seems far off the reality.

The problems with this can be elaborated in these ways:

Bend Screw Lock: Firstly, I had an experience that a screw of my lock was bent out and it was almost impossible to turn. The screw could not be removed or it can be said that no efforts were made by me to turn the screw as I was afraid to probably break the screw in while making efforts. I had a caliper that was hard to be placing in the place in order to replace the screw.

Now, I had the caliper but that caliper was useless for me as I could not change the screw of my lock. Why? Because, I had to face the breaking of the screw and could not lock after using the caliper. It was definitely harder to slide even with the screw backed out. There was no such a smooth tool for this price. Vernier Caliper measurement has different techniques of reading. 

Precision Was Improper: Secondly, it is definitely a very important thing that nothing is closer to a precise measurement with it. It means that the same object can be measured 10 times and 10 fully different measurements could be got through this tool. It should be cleared here that I have used or experimented this tool on several titanium and stainless steel parts with very high tolerance or variation standards. The aim was to gauge or to make certain that no deviation was there in the material which I was testing on.

High Deviation: Thirdly, the sum of the above mentioned deviation is way too high. The caliper can theoretically read to the 1/100th of millimeter with a stated exactness of 2/100th of a mm. A routine witness of deviations that was observed by me was around 2-3 mm. This shows the Caliper was 100-150 times less accurate and deviant than it has been stated above. Even low price calipers of other brands are better than this, 

Incorrect Results: The other problem is that despite of deviation, this is straightly incorrect. There was an object to have been measured by me and I knew the actual diameter of that. But, when it was measured, the average was 2-4 millimeters less. But, I again tried it to check whether it shows accuracy or not. The answer was not.

By Russell Miller

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